Celestite Blue – Coming on June 30th

Rob C is releasing a new single on June 30th, 2021 that will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, and on every streaming service. Pre-sale starts on June 23rd, 2021

This is an instrumental piece that gets slightly away from the compositions that Rob C has been giving us: “This is my attempt to do a dark retro wave piece in a time signature that’s typical of Latin American folk music but no as much in electronic music; although musically, I tried to not instantly give away the typical Latin feel that I’m used to” Rob C says.

Conceptually, this piece attempts to, in music, tell a story about the people on earth, and the healing properties of the crystal Celestite. It represents how people in our society are forgetting to practice the mindfulness of staying in the present. It invites the listener to choose the peaceful state of awareness that the Celestite represents. It flows through many emotions, such as unease, happiness and, in the end, it gives the listener hope that everything will be fine, despite all the problems.

This is an upbeat track that, as Rob C is used to giving us, is heavily based on the instrumentation of synthesizers, experimenting with different textures and counterpoint melodies to complement the harmony development.

“I started with the desire to compose a track that a DJ producer would do. After a lot of experimentation and thought, I ended up with a piece of music that’s upbeat, happy, and full of hope that I’m happy to share with the world”.


Celestite Blue was written and produced by Rob C

Rob C: Keyboards, Programming, and Sequencing

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

Mixed and mastered by Michael Cupp

Photography by Rodolfo Thiede and Alberto Thiede

Wardrobe by Daniela Espinoza

Artwork by Rob C

To be released on August 20th. Pre Sale starts on June 23rd

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