Electro Wow – Rob C Is Merging Electro-Pop & Rock Music On “Broken Promises”


With a great background as a long-time pianist, keyboard player, and composer, Rob C is stepping out as a solo artist for the very first time. The Chilean-born talent is serious about his creative projects, works which range from Rock to traditional Folk and Tango music. However, lately, he has become very fond of synthesizers, as evidenced in his new single “Broken Promises”. At only three minutes and fifteen seconds long, Electro-Pop & Rock influences were merged together. Moreover, the track features the spectacular participation of Renata Vontobel whose vocals made this song shine. By all means, the tune builds and grows on fuzzy guitars, piano keys, bouncy drums, and electronic elements. While lyrically, a promise means everything, so it tackles the subject of trust. Slip your headphones on, and take a listen to “Broken Promises” right here!

Original Source: www.electrowow.net


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